JUNIOR 18-23 December 2018, Ages 10-12. Applications coming in September.

TEEN 1 14-20 January 2019, Ages 13-15. Applications coming in September.

TEEN 2 21-27 January 2019, Ages 15-17. Applications coming in September.

Applications for Summer Camp Staff roles at the North NSW Youth Summer Camps will be opening August 10. To be a staff member you need to obtain your Working With Children Clearance Number and complete the online manual training before attending camp, please read the instructions below. Contact NNSW Youth Ministries if you have any questions.

Working With Children Clearance Numbers

All of our volunteers are required to complete the online application then visit a motor registry with proof of identity. Once you have done this you should receive an email within a few weeks that states your clearance number. You will need to submit your clearance number to North NSW Youth Department before you are able to work at Summer Camp. 

STEP 1: Fill in an application form. You will be asked if your child-related work is paid or volunteer (select 'volunteer') and what sector it will be in (select 'religious services'). Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an application number that looks like this: APP1234567V

STEP 2: Go to a NSW motor registry or NSW Council Agency that offers RMS services with:

• your application number AND

• proof of your identity

As a volunteer employee, there is no fee payable for the five year clearance.

STEP 3: Present Clearance number to employer (NNSW Youth Department) for verification.

Online Manual Training

The single most influential attribution towards the success of North NSW Summer Camps is the volunteer staff. The criteria we ensure all of our staff meet prior to accepting their services at Summer Camps is one that will enable the vision we have for each camp to be realised. In order that you may gain a better understanding of what that vision is and how you might be apart of making it happen you will need to undergo training.

The initial training that you are required to complete is the online Summer Camp Staff Training. This is a series of lessons based on our Staff Training Manual. After each lesson you will review what you have learnt by answering 2-4 multiple-choice questions.

You can complete this training prior to completing your official Summer Camp application form. You are free to take the training whenever suits you, the only restriction is you must have passed the training on the day staff applications close.

Visit and click 'Take This Course'. Create an account by registering your details and proceed to take the course.